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Members of the Board

The National Board Against Counterfeiting in Hungary is a common platform for all the authorities and stakeholders involved in the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in Hungary since 2008. It was established due to the regulation named Government Decree No. 287/2010 (XII. 16.) on the National Board Against Counterfeiting. The members of the Board are both Governmental institutions and Non-governmental organizations.

Governmental institutions

Non-governmental organizations

Ministry of Justice Hungarian Association for the Protection of Industrial Property and Copyright
Ministry of Human Resources Hungarian Publishers’ and Booksellers’ Association
Ministry for National Economy Hungarian Association of Brands
Ministry of Agriculture Hungarian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association
National Media and Infocommunications Authority Hungarian Trademark Association
National Tax and Customs Administration ProArt Association for the Protection of Copyright
Hungarian Authority for Consumer Protection National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers
Headquarters of the National Police ICT Association of Hungary
Hungarian Intellectual Property Office – Secretariat of the National Board Against Counterfeiting Hungarian Marketing Association
Hungarian Automotive Professional Association

Responsibilities of the Board

    • drafting and enforcing the national strategy and action plans against counterfeiting;
    • coordination and support of the government activities relating to international and European initiatives and programs against counterfeiting;
    • analysis and systemization of statistical data regarding counterfeiting;
    • organizing awareness-raising and information campaigns;
    • training the officials of law enforcement agencies;
    • participation in drafting legislative amendments regarding IPR enforcement.

      Action Plan of the Board

      The National Board Against Counterfeiting created an Action Plan Against Counterfeiting for the years 2011-2015. The Action Plan can be downloaded from here:  NBAC Action Plan 2011-2015.

      Main efforts and activities of the Board

      Statistics (measurement issues)

      • collecting, assessing and providing reliable statistical data on counterfeiting and piracy
      • analysis of official judicial statistical data;
      • consumer surveys on consumers’ attitudes and purchase behavior;
      • surveys among secondary school students on counterfeiting and copyright issues;
      • publications (The International Methods of Measuring Counterfeiting and Piracy, Facts and Figures on Counterfeiting in Hungary…).


      • trainings for law enforcement authorities (conferences, Police College, training session on copyright);
      • conferences, events about IPR enforcement issues;
      • working groups against online infringements, counterfeiting of pharmaceuticals, counterfeiting of works of art;
      • Hungary was removed from the USTR Special 301 Watch List in 2010.

      Raising awareness

      • website on counterfeiting, Web 2.0.: blog of the NBAC, Facebook profile;
      • publication of newsletters;
      • campaigns against counterfeiting and piracy aimed at several target groups, e.g. art competition for secondary school students, online campaign addressing the youth, campaign focusing on the health risks of counterfeit medical products;
      • exhibition of fake products – road show arranged at 15 locations across Hungary, e.g. in chambers of commerce, at youth festivals, at universities.

      Objectives of the Board

      • the rate of IPR infringements should significantly reduce;
      • the actions against IPR infringement should become more effective;
      • public awareness regarding the importance of protecting intellectual property rights and the consequences of their violation should be enhanced.

      The document can be downloaded here.

      Secretariat of the Board

      • The Secretariat of the Board is placed in the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office.
        Secretariat of the National Board Against Counterfeiting
        Hungarian Intellectual Property Office Hungary, 1081 Budapest, II. János Pál pápa tér 3.
        E-mail: hent (at)
      • MK
        The President of the Board is Judit Varga, the Minister of Justice from 2019.
      • Pgy
        The Vice-President of the Board is Gyula Zoltán Pomázi, the President of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office from 2019.

      • The Secretary of the Board is Kinga Zugh from April 2022.
      • The Communication officer of the Board is Tímea Barsvári from December 2019.

      Working groups of the Board

      There are for active working groups in the Board.

      • Working group against artwork counterfeiting
      • Working group against medicine counterfeiting
      • Working group for legal enforcement
      • Working group for industry and trade
      • Working group of public awareness