The Sziget festival, which is one of the most popular festivals in Europe, will host the NBAC’s program tent named No fake! from 13 August. In the big tent of 100m2 numerous presentations, performances, quizzes and prize games will await the festival-goers during the festival, from Wednesday to Sunday, between 12:00 and 20:00.

The partners of the National Board Against Counterfeiting, who will also be present in the No kamu! program tent, are the HIPAvilon Hungarian Intellectual Property Agency and the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office. The program tent is supported by the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market, the EU agency for Community trademarks and registered Community designs.

The posters to draw attention and the games will be available in English language as well, while the guided tours and the presentations might also be listened to in English.

Exhibition of counterfeit objects

These days, everything in the world is counterfeited from sunglasses through mobile phones to car tyres. In the showcases visitors can see some interesting and surprising examples, what is more, there will be products that can be touched and examined. Whether the guileless customer can easily recognise that he is holding a counterfeit product? How can one find it out? The staff will be happy to answer the questions and uncover the mostly not so easily recognisable counterfeits.

Skill and knowledge-based games

How much time is needed to solve the Rubik’s Cube? Is it possible to get the guided air-balloon from one point to the other? What kind of intellectual property is included in a mobile phone? How do the customs officers examine the postal packages, looking for counterfeits inside?

Fiberscope, steeplechase with remote controlled flying shark, giant board game, Rubik’s Cube competition, selfie wall, logo recognising game  just to mention a few from the programs that await the festival-goers at the No kamu! tent.

Those who like the games where success depends not only on luck but on knowledge too, and would like to try themselves in new situations and interactive games in a way that they can even learn, should find their way to the No kamu! program tent!

In exchange for the exercises solved successfully valuable prizes can be received, and those who have tried out and won everything, can have themselves photographed at the selfie wall and can send messages on how they spent their time to their friends on Facebook.

Presentations, performances, workshops

In the program tent the festival-goers can also participate at interactive presentations and performances, where invited guests, lecturers speak about intellectual property, that is, about industrial property and copyright, moreover, it will also turn out how one can become a real rock star.

Look at a Woman through IP glasses!
You can look at a woman in various ways. It is all the same if she comes along in the street, on a bus or at the beach. Blond, brown,- red ,-or black-haired. It is the aura and the style that attract attention. During the performance a special virtual pair of glasses is given to the festival-goer, through which he can look at a woman in a way never before. The IP glasses will reveal what hides behind the things that she puts on every day from the hat to the nail-polish.
Dates and times of the performances:
Friday, 15 August, 16:00
Saturday, 16 August, 16:00
Sunday, 17 August, 16:00

Ask the Mate!
Is it now time for you to sort out things? Do you have plenty of ideas that you would like to do something with? Do you have an innovation and, according to your friends, you could sell it at the market? It is all the same if you are an inventor, an artist or an innovative entrepreneur, ask the Mate how and where to start. Discover the original inside you!
The Mate is available:
Friday, 15 August, 16:30
Saturday, 16 August, 16:30
Sunday, 17 August, 16:30

How to become a rock star?
You have good music but do not know how to make it available to the public? Can’t you find your way in the labyrinth of copyright? Would you like to get an insight into the operation of music industry or tour organization? Or are you interested in the available Hungarian and international support or calls for tenders? If your answer to these questions is yes, come to our workshop of five days.
Times of the workshops:
From 17:00 every day
Wednesday, 13 August: The first steps: establishing a band. Our guest: András Vörös
Thursday, 14 August: Trends in music industry and copyright: Our guest: Dr. Péter Benjamin Tóth
Friday, 15 August: Communication and tour organisation. Our guest: Iván Vitáris
Saturday, 16 August: Publishers vs. online distribution of music. Our guest: András Bodrogi
Sunday, 17 August: Talent finders, call for tenders, sponsorship. Our guest: Attila Szalai

Life-threatening: the rise of counterfeit spare parts
What can happen in an accident if a counterfeit air bag is built in the car? Can it damage the electronics of a car if it is installed by counterfeit software? Mr Árpád Giczy, Board member of the Hungarian Automobile Professional Association speaks about the dangers of counterfeiting spare parts, and the dreadful effects thereof on drivers and passengers.
The dates and times of the interactive discussions:
Wednesday, 13 August: 16:00
Thursday, 14 August: 16:00