Following earlier editions in London (2014), Berlin (2017) and Paris (2019), the fourth International IP Enforcement Summit will bring together key European and international decision-makers, law enforcement authorities, multinational companies and other relevant players to discuss ways to improve protection and enforcement of IP rights in the EU and around the globe.

The Summit aims to bring strategic and practical guidance and share good practices on how the fight against counterfeiting and piracy should contribute to a healthier society, a more sustainable environment and a stronger economy.

The event will be held online due to the pandemic situation.

The programme:

Panel I. IP infringement online – Collaboration or regulation, what should come first?
A global perspective on how to engage right holders, intermediaries and enforcement authorities to collaborate against illegal activities including, in particular, IP infringement online.

Panel II. IP enforcement as a tool to protect sustainability investments
While businesses invest into environmental friendly processes and products, IPR infringers not only ride on this goodwill but also generate environmental damage due to counterfeit goods.

Panel III. New technology for IP enforcement online
What challenges do digital and technological transformation pose to IP protection and how can this be used to improve IP enforcement?

V2 Final IP Summit Summary